Flight Expectations - Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Radio Telephony (RT) Training
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Flight Expectations offers expert one to one tuition working towards the grant of the JAR/CAA RT licence from PPL to ATPL conversions as required. Utilising CAP413 the test is conducted on a simulated route through all the likely scenarios the pilot is expected to negotiate.

Tuition for a 20 question written paper with 75% pass mark and the final examination are all provided

Prior to the practical examination the student is offered a practice route to sharpen their skill and give the examiner an assessment of their technique and delivery. With air space becoming more and more crowded and the need for correct, brief and precise RT; Flight Expectations offers a first class course as reflected in our high pass rate.

Airline pilots working towards a JAR ATPL conversion will also benefit from our expert tuition enabling them to meet the demands of today’s complex and busy airspace.

CAA Safety Sense Leaflet 22: Radiotelephony - click here

CAA Documents - CAP 413: Radiotelephony Manual - click here

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Flight Experectations Radio Telephony Training